The valleys

Just a short distance from Muralto the fascinating valleys open, the valleys of Locarno. The most well-known are Centovalli, Onsernone, Maggia and Verzasca.


Valle Onsernone is the kingdom of forest, water and rock.  Hiking trails will allow you to discover deep hidden valleys, picturesque villages, summits that offer spectacular views and mountain lakes.


The pride of Centovalli is without doubt the Centovalli train which runs along narrow gorges, soaring bridges and through woods and villages.


Val Maggia offers over 700 kilometres of hiking paths that allow the discovery of mountain lakes as well as a wide array of flora and fauna.

The Church of the Madonna della Grazie at Maggia, the piazza and Cevio Museum, Bosco Gurin and the waterfall at Foroglio make fascinating tourist destinations from a historical perspective in this region.


The narrow Val Verzasca is characterised by steep slopes and the Verzasca river, in which emerald green waters flow between almost-white rocks forming natural pools.

Sognono, the most traditional village of the valley, has maintained its authentic character with its antique houses and narrow roads.


  • Centovalli Train – splendid journey on board the blue and white narrow gauge train that takes you from Locarno to Domodossola (in Italy) in one and a half hours
  • Bungy Jumping – Jump from a height of 220 metres from the Verzasca dam at the Vogorno lake
  • The Church of San Giovanni Battista at Mogno – a small church in marble designed by the famous Ticino architect Mario Botta
  • Mountain lakes of Robiei – reached by cable car from San Carlo