Atelier Ribo +

The philosophy


The atelier ribo+ plans with a unique sensitivity and attention according to client-orientated architectural values.

The careful and essential understanding of the needs of the buyer and the direct and indirect pre-existence of the place become the principle elements to harmonise and combine in this way to achieve unique and valued project solutions, encompassing both formal and functional profiles.


The completion, organised and coordinated with a careful choice of materials, reflects the proposed architecture and, at the same time guarantees the durability of the work.  The execution is coordinated by project groups and workers that reflect and value the philosophy of the workshop, from general aspects to the attention to detail that distinguishes it.


From its creation, the workshop has dealt with innumerable themes that are diversely presented here by involvement on both pre-existing and new constructions.


The design sector, began initially to complement the proposed architecture, is now extended to themes that respond to the needs of everyday life.



Architect Christian Rivola


Having graduated in architecture from the Scuola Universitaria Professionale in Lugano in 1995, in 1998 he obtained a Master of Architecture at the SCI-arc in Los Angeles.  Following a brief professional period with various architecture and engineering studios he assumed his first commissions.

He devotes himself to interior design, to the transformation and development of pre-existing and new public and private facilities.

He teaches, alongside these other activities.


His preference, which saw him address the subject of territorial reorganisation of a region of Ticino already at the time of his Master’s thesis, today sees him active in specific commissions for local and regional authorities, both urban and landscape based.

An activity which, alongside design, makes architecture complete.